Dali[ Related Itinerary ]

Dali, a popular tourist city in Yunnan Province, is a historical city with 500 years' history. The beauty of Dali is not like this kind of gently beauty in Jiangnan towns, also not flashy as the Lijiang Ancient Town. It just likes the girl next door, pure, natural, connotation and authentic. Hiding in the surroundings of Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, Dali is quiet and vicissitudes of life, it needs to taste by your meditation.

In the long year’s history of China, Dali has been a prominent position and role. It is one of the regions of Yunnan's cultural birthplace. The main inhabitants of the region are the Bai. The Bai people have long established roots in the Erhai Lake region, and are thought to have settled the area some 3000 years ago. In the early 8th century they grouped together and succeeded in defeating the Tang Imperial Army before establishing the Nanzhao kingdom.

The symbol attractions include Dali Ancient Town, Mt. Cangshan, Erhai Lake, Three Pagodas and Xizhou Bai Houses. All these places tell you how beautiful Dali is. A visit to this pure land will bring you back to the easy lifestyle.


Dali Ancient Town

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Erhai Lake

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Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple

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Mt. Cangshan

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House of Bai people in Xizhou

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