Dunhuang[ Related Itinerary ]

Dunhuang, located in the common boundary of Gansu Province, Qinghai Province and Xinjiang Province was known as “the beautiful desert oasis” long time ago. It was the center of middle and eastern silk routes in ancient times. The city landmark is an attractive statue, the idea of which comes from the mural in Mogao Caves, a shrine to the culture and arts of Dunhuang. Today, Dunhuang is a typical tourist city, clean and beautiful. Mogao Caves, Yangguan Pass, Yumenguan Pass, Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake are all worth a visit. Because of the splendid stone caves, tourism has become an indispensable industry to Dunhuang City.

In ancient times, Dunhuang was the center of trade between China and its western neighbors. With the flourishing of trade along the Silk Road, Dunhuang was prompted to become the most open area in international trade in Chinese history. And as widely known most famous historical sightseeing in Dunhuang is the Mogao Caves, which is a shrine of Buddhist art treasure in China. Dunhuang Fresco is the major component of Dunhuang art, with large-scale and highly skilled.

Different from the delicate tourist cities in South China, the green hills and small clean streams are rarely seen in Dunhuang. Instead, the vast sand area and the historical sightseeing will deeply impress you.


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