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As well known to all the people, the landscapes of Guilin rank first in China. Guilin is a cultural ancient city with long history from Han Dynasty in China, with the history of about 2,000 years. Every generation left the bright cultural heritages, such as the Xingan Ling Canal, Gongcheng Confucious' Temple, etc. Abundant cultural relics and historical sites make this city famous in China. There are totally 552 cultural relics and historical sites in Guilin downtown, including 117 cultural relics protection units.

Guilin is a bright pearl in China and its unique karst landform and pretty Li River make it famous all over the world. Green mountains, pretty water, strange caves and beautiful stones shape the natural landscapes in Guilin. Enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, Yangshuo and Li River are the places that gain the high reputation in China and full of tourists from all over the world all the year round. According to the characteristics of spot, Guilin is divided into 6 scenic spots: Guilin - Li River - Yangshuo Landscape Scenic Spot; Xingan Ling Canal Scenic Spot; Maoershan Mountain Scenic Spot; Longsheng Huaping Primeval Forest Scenic Spot; Haiyang - Gaoshao Gingko Forest Scenic Spot; Qingshitan Reservoir Scenic Spot. In recent years, the large-scale urban construction in Guilin shapes the new city constructions, new city landscapes and new city features.

Although famous for the incomparable natural landscape, there are also many historical sightseeing situated in Guilin. Daxu Ancient Town, Xingping Ancient Town, Huangyao Ancient Town, Prince Jingjiang's Mansion, Former Residence of Li Zongren, and the old address of liaison offices of the Eighth Route Army, all these own the high literary, historical and article values and the appreciated value.

The delicacies of Guilin are famous all over China with local flavor strongly, gather the vinegar-pepper Hunan cuisine and insipid Guangdong cuisine. The home cooking is greatly influenced by the Hunan cuisine, almost cannot eat without vinegar-pepper, so the restaurants fit for taste of local Guilin flavor. With the increasing development of local tourism, the kinds of restaurants become more and more, various kinds of cuisines come from the whole China shape the scale. Of course, the fashion restaurants are developing, the authentic western cuisine and Chinese fast food are popular among young people.

Welcome to join a Guilin tour with us to experience the picturesque charming natural landscapes under the heaven in China!


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