Luoyang[ Related Itinerary ]

Located in the west of Henan Province, on the middle reaches of the Yellow River, with the history of 4000 years, Luoyang City is the birth land of Chinese civilization and the earliest capital city in Chinese history. From the Xia Dynasty, 105 emperors of 13 dynasties had regarded Luoyang as their capital city. Luoyang is a famous tourism city in China with 21state-level key heritage sites and more than 640 other level key heritage sites, including more than 400 thousand pieces of unearthed relics.

In Luoyang there has a total of 162 scenic spots including 3 5A level scenic spots, 12 4A level scenic spots and 22 A-level scenic spots. Luoyang tour covers the most famous attractions of Luoyang including Longmen Grottoes - the world cultural heritage, regarded as one of the three greatest grottoes in China; Shaolin Temple - the cradleland of Chinese Kung Fu, White Horse Pagoda - first Buddhist temple in China, considered as "the cradle of Chinese Buddhism".

Besides the famous historical sites, the city is also famous for its peonies. Peony is the city flower. The Peony Culture Festival, starting in April, attracts a great number of travelers all over the world every year.


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