Qingdao[ Related Itinerary ]

Located in the southeast part of Shandong Province, Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city and a popular tourist city in China. The climate in Qingdao falls on the borderline between humid subtropical and humid continental, cool in summer but not very cold in winter. The azure sky, blue sea and green trees form a bright and colorful picture here.

The most famous scenic spots are: Zhan Bridge, Mt. Laoshan and the No.1 Bathing Beach. Zhan Bridge is the icon of Qingdao City with the reputation of "if you have not visited to the Zhan Bridge, you can not know the real charm of Qingdao City". Mt. Laoshan is a famous Taoist Mountain in China famous for the stone inscriptions, picturesque peaks and rocks, ancient trees and clear springs. No.1 Bathing Beach just like a pearl of Huiquan Bay surrounded by the mountains on three sides, famous for the gentle slope, fine-grained sand, the relatively clean and green waters and gentle waves.

Besides, there are numerous restaurants in the city providing a wide variety of top-quality seafood. Also, the city is the home of the famous Tsingtao Beer, so during the tour to Qingdao, do not forget to try it.


Mt. Laoshan

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Zhan Bridge

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No.1 Bathing Beach

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