China Mountain

Mountains always play an important part of tourism in the world and in China there is no exception. There are a lot of famous mountains very popular among tourists such as Mt. Huanghan in Anhui Province, Mt. Tai in Shandong Province, Mt. Emei & Leshan in Sichuan Province, etc. For mountains in China, there has one thing in common: large forest coverage and beautiful natural scenery. While climbing the mountain, you will meet the grotesque rocks, dramatic pines and seas of clouds. Besides, mountains are also known as the holy lands of religion such as Buddhist mountains and Taoist mountains. So a visit to the mountain is also a culture tour in China.

Mountain Wudang -->More
Mountain Wudang   Price: USD
Duration: days

Attractions: Wudang mountain, located in the territory of shiyan danjiangkou city, hubei province, is one of the famous Taoist holy land of China. Scenic area called "eight hundred", the existing 312 square kilometers. Read Details

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Mount Lu   Price: USD
Duration: days

Attractions: Lushan world cultural landscape heritage, geological park, national key relics protection units, the scenic area, AAAAA level spots. mountain is oval, typical block Duan Shan horst type, length about 25 kilometers, 10 km wide, stretching more than 90 peaks, like folding screen, shielding north gate of … Read Details

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Mount Tai   Price: USD
Duration: days

Attractions: Mount tai in shandong province the central mountains main peak 1545 meters above sea level grand sweep holds title of five day down mountain Since ancient times Chinese is worship taishan Ann everywhere Ann's dynasties I constantly and sacrifice built on mount temple plastic god burring inscription … Read Details

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Mount Emei   Price: USD
Duration: days

Attractions: Located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, Mt. Emei is one of China's four most sacred Buddhist mountains (the other three are Putuo Mountain Zhejiang Province; Jiuhua Anhui and Wutai Shanxi Province). In Emei, the architectures, music, grottoes paintings all reflect rich religious flavor culture. … Read Details

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Shaolin Temple   Price: USD
Duration: days
Destinations: Luoyang-Kaifeng

Attractions: Shaolin Temple is probably the most famous temple in China, not only because of its long history and role Chinese Buddhism, Pagodabut also martial arts or Wushu Chan. situated beautiful Songshan Mountains, which eight miles Dengfeng about 50 southwest Zhengzhou, capital Henan Province. … Read Details