Xian Tour

Xian Tour Together with Athens, Rome, and Cairo, Xian is a ancient metropolis and the Top Four Civilization Ancient Capitals in the world. Emperors of thirteen dynasties chose Xian as their political, cultural and economic center.

The famous Silk Road regard Xian as the starting point. Terracotta Warriors is the Eighth Wonder in the World and one of the top attractions in China. Ancient City Wall is the best preserved and largest old city wall existing in China. Shaanxi History Museum is the place for you to get all the historical fragments. Xian, a living history book, is just waiting for you to read. Join us!



Archaeological Experience at Daming Palace National Heritage Park (0 USD)
Destinations: Xian

NO. XA-04

Learn Peasant Painting at Art Studio of Pan Xiaoling (0 USD)
Destinations: Xian

NO. XA-03

Explore China History in Xian for 3 Days (715 USD)
Destinations: Xi'an

NO. XA-M01

Explore China History in Xian for 2 Days (395 USD)
Destinations: Xian

NO. XA-M02

Xian Highlight Day Tour (155 USD)
Destinations: Xian

NO. XA-02

Xian Old City Day Tour (140 USD)
Destinations: Xian

NO. XA-01