Silk Road Tour

Silk Road Tour The well-known Silk Road is not only a single road, but also the access and the friendship bridge linking the Europe and Asian people. It was the flourishing business route and it also the most famous tourist line in modern China. The unique traditions and culture, living habits and religious beliefs show the soul of this ancient road. Seeing is believing! If you are interested in adventure, enjoy the imposing desert, appreciate the well-preserved historical sites and the culture of Silk Road, the hand-picked tours offered by I Explore China will make your dream come true and create you a lifelong memory.



Lanzhou 5-day Classic Tour (0 USD)
Destinations: Lanzhou-Gansu Province-China

NO. Lanzhou-01

21 Days World Heritage Tour of Silk Road ( USD)
Destinations: Beijing-Luoyang-Xi'an- Tianshui-Lanzhou-Zhangye-Ji