The Yellow River

The Yellow River The Yellow River is the second-longest river in China and the sixth-longest in the world at 5,464 kilometers. Originating in the Bayan Har Mountains in Qinghai Province in western China, it flows through nine provinces of China and empties into the Bohai Sea. The Yellow River basin has an east-west extent of 1900 km and a north-south extent of 1100 km. Total basin area is 742,443 square kilometers.

Traditionally, it is believed that the Chinese civilization originated in the Yellow River basin. The Chinese refer to the river as "the Mother River" and "the cradle of the Chinese civilization", , as its basin is the birthplace of the northern Chinese civilizations and was the most prosperous region in early Chinese history. During the long history of China, the Yellow River has been considered a blessing as well as a curse and has been nicknamed both "China's Pride". For thousands of years, the Yellow River has been admired by great poets, artists, and common people. The Yellow River is not just a river of China, but also the symbol of the Chinese spirit: bearing burdens, adaptation and perseverance.

The natural landscapes of the Yellow River are breathtaking and attractive, especially those in the Henan segment. As a huge dragon crouching on the central plains, the Yellow River begins to flow northward from Kaifeng City. After entering Longmen, the steep precipices at both banks of the Yellow River seem to be cut by knife, and the river waves are surging and rushing forward. The supernatural power of the nature created various landscape resorts at the Sanmen Gorge where the river is surging inward and roaring forward and people can feel the perfect combination of gentleness and manly virility of the Yellow River.

Along the river, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also explore the rich culture of China. The famous Yangshao Culture Site, the Birthplace of the First Ancestor Yellow Emperor, the Fuxi Mausoleum and the neighboring various cradles of surnames can be found here. The important ancient town Sanmen Gorge, the thousand-year-old ancient capital Luoyang, the commercial city Zhengzhou and the capital Kaifeng of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), etc. all show the history of China.

A tour to Yangtze River is actually a culture tour in China!