Heilongjiang Heilongjiang borders Jilin province to the south, Inner Mongolia to the west and Russia to the north. Because located in the northeast China, in ancient times, Heilongjiang was inhabited by people such as the Buyeo, the Mohe, and the Khitan which was far from any literate civilization.

The Heilongjiang River was known as the Yushui, Wanshui and Heishui in ancient China. With the total length of 4,370 kilometers, it is the 11th largest river in the world. The aquatic grasses are verdant wherever the Heilongjiang River flows across and the forests are luxuriant along the river bank. The water in the river is livid because the rich black humus in the soil is carried into the river by the surface water. The name of Heilongjiang comes from the Manchu people living in the Heilongjiang River Valley. They called the river Sahalian Wula - Sahalian means the black color and the Wula means the river. Therefore, it is lively and visual to name the slightly black river that looks like a black swimming dragon as the Heilongjiang River.

Heilongjiang River totally has more than 200 tributaries in which the large ones include the Songari River, the Wusuli River, the Zeya River and the Bulieya River. Songari River is the largest tributary of the Heilongjiang River. It is 1,657 kilometers long with the drainage area of more than 550,000 square kilometers. The Heaven Lake is the source, which has the beautiful scene that attracts visitors all through the ages. In Songari River valley, you can see the primitive forests everywhere. The soil in the Songari River valley is fertile and it abounds in soybean, maize, broomcorn, wheat, flax, cotton, apple, sugar beet and other crops. What's more, here is also a large fishing area and the main kinds include the carp, crucian, Huso dauricus and other fish. When winter comes, the local inhabitants use ice to sculpt various ice lanterns, which are the fine folk artworks with special characteristics.

Heilongjiang contains China's northernmost point. A tour to Heilongjiang, you will enjoy the unique scenery different from any other part of China.