Mount Lu

Mount Lu Lushan Mountain located in the south of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, is a famous ancient mountain integrating religion, education and culture. It was one of the Buddhist center as early as Eastern Han Dynasty and in recent years, it has become one of the most famous moutains among foreign visitors. And the picturesque mountain scenery and the culture relics attract more and more visitors.

Bordering Yangtze River in the north and Poyang Lake in the east, Lushan Mountain covers an area of 302 square meters. Dahanyang Peak is the highest point of Lushan with the height of 1474 meters. Lushan Mountain is famous for its magnificent and rugged landscape. The religious affairs in this area thrived from the 3rd century to the 13th century, as a result, the number of the temples reached 500. At present, there are still temples and churches of five major religions including the Buddhist, Taoist, Islam, Christianity and Catholic. Besides the cultural relics, Lushan owes its reputation to its wonderful, elegant, steep and spectacular features that embrace ravines, waterfalls, grottoes, rocks and rivulets. There are 12 main scenic areas, together with 37 attractions, over 900 cliff inscriptions, and over 300 steles. The major spots include Wulao Feng, Sandie Spring, Lulin Lake, Flower Path, Ruqin Lake, Jinxiu Valley, Xianren Dong and Donglin Temple, etc.

Wulao Feng, located in the southeast of the mountain is the main peak of Lushan. It is 1,436 meters above sea level with the most beautiful natural scenery. Its five parallel peaks once formed a single apex and standing on the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the distant mountains, trees, lakes, a seemingly endless sky and a panorama view of the whole area.

Poets always like natural scenery especially the mountains and rivers. From ancient times, thousands of poets and literary men came to Lushan Mountain because of its fame and created four thousands of poems, adding rich cultural ambience to Lushan Mountain. And the cool climate makes the mountain become the most famous summer resort. If you are interested in the beautiful mountain scenery and want to get close to traditional Chinese religious culture, Lushan Mountain is second to none!