Mountain Wudang

Mountain Wudang Wudang Mountain, located in the territory of Shiyan Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province, is one of the famous Taoist holy land of China. Besides, the mountain is said to be the birthplace of the famous Chinese Wudang Martial Arts. As the national 5A scenic spot and national martial arts of the township, in recent years Wudang Mountain also becomes more and more popular among foreign visitors.

The history of Mount Wudang could date back to Tang Dynasty (618-907). During the reign of Emperor Taizong , the Five Dragon Ancestral Temple was built on Wudang Mountain. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), there newly built 33 palaces and structures. Covering an area of 321 square kilometers, Mount Wudang has beautiful sceneries and rich culture relics. The main tourist resorts include: three ponds, nine springs, nine wells, nine platforms, ten pools, ten stones, eleven caves, thirty six cliffs and seventy two peaks. At present, the extant building complex includes the Palace of Harmony, the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, the South Cliff Palace, the Yuzhen Palace, relics of the Yuxu Palace and the Five Dragon Ancestral Temple, Xuanyue Gate and the Fuzhen Temple.

Besides the beautiful natural landscape, the culture Wudang is also attractive. Mount Wudang is renowned as Immortals' Mountain of Taoism and the World for Swordsman. It is a famous Taoist center in China with a long history of Taoist practice and a profound Taoist culture. Wudang culture consists of Taoist philosophy and the facets of religious arts and crafts, such as music, martial arts, ritual customs, herbal medicine and much more. The cultural heritage sites, protected by the UNESCO, such as the imperial monasteries, palaces and temples, settled almost across the entire mountain area.

The ancient buildings in Wudang Mountain have been famous in the world for their beauty, size, and grandeur, so that Wudang Mountain was listed as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO on December 17, 1994. If you are interested in the beautiful mountain scenery and the essence of Chinese Taoism, Wudang Mountain is the right place for you.