Sichuan Cuisine Museum Tour - Learn How to Make Traditional Sichuan Dishes

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Destinations: Sichuan Cuisine Museum
Brief Itinerary
1. Arrive at Sichuan Cuisine Museum, get the basic information about the museum.
2. Learn the origin and the development of Sichuan cuisine.
3. Visit the exhibition center of Sichuan food raw materials.
4. Visit the Kitchen God Temple in the museum.
5. Visit the old Sichuan Cuisine Street in the museum.
6. Visit the exhibition center of Sichuan food raw material processing tools.
7. Learn to cook Sichuan cuisine.
8. Enjoy lunch or dinner cooking by yourself with your partners.
9. Leisure in the museum, tasting tea or playing Mahjong.
Highlight: This Cooking Culture Tour in Sichuan Cuisine Museum is specially designed for those who are interested in spicy Sichuan food. Here is the only one Cuisine Culture Themed Museum in the world. Besides the origin and the development of Sichuan food, learn to cook traditional Sichuan food is the most attractive part.


Chengdu    Chengdu
Activities: Sichuan Cuisine Museum is located in the ancient town of Pi County, covering an area of 40 mu. As a card of tourism in Chengdu, with more than 6000 pieces of collections, it is the only one Cuisine Culture Themed Museum in the world and is regarded as "the museum which was allowed to eat". Different from the traditional way of just seeing the exhibitions in the museum, take part in cooking learning, you will understand how to make typical spicy Sichuan food. Meanwhile, you can share the food made by yourself as lunch or dinner with your partners. A visit to Sichuan Cuisine Museum is not only a cate journey but also a culture tour.

The itinerary contains 9 parts:
First of all, on arrival at Sichuan Cuisine Museum, lead you to the Visitor Center and the experienced advisor will tell you the basic information about the museum. Also, you have the chance to taste of the freshly-made cakes for free.

Secondly, the advisor will lead you to visit the repositories of historical documents. From thousands of relevant objects, articles and pictures, you will know the origin, development, evolution and the formation of Sichuan cuisine culture.

Thirdly, visit the exhibition center of Sichuan food raw materials to see the green products of vegetables and pollution-free poultry. You will see the soul of Sichuan cuisine - thick broad-bean sauce. Also you have the chance to see the traditional production process of thick broad-bean sauce at the scene, which has a history of more than 300 years. Then have a taste of bean jelly.

Then move on to visit the Kitchen God Temple. Kitchen God is an important part of Sichuan folk culture and in Sichuan Cuisine Museum you will see the world's largest Kitchen God Temple. Meanwhile, if you like, you could incense or light up a peaceful light to pray for good fortune here.

After that, visit the old Sichuan Cuisine Street. Step into the old street, the dwelling houses with traditional building style will catch your sight. At the same time, you can personally experience the authentic Sichuan food production process in private rooms.

Then visit the exhibition center of Sichuan food raw material processing tools. Here you can try the traditional way to make local snacks and taste of the freshly-made tofu pudding.

The come to the most attractive part of the tour - learn to cook Sichuan cuisine. With the assistance of the expert from the museum, you are arranged to prepare and learn to cook 3 Sichuan dishes in a clean and spacious kitchen. This is a hands on learning experience. During the cooking learning, you will better understanding the materials and the process of making Sichuan food. As the beginner, you may feel that it is not a easy job.

After the hard work, it's time to share the food made by yourself with your partners. During lunch or dinner, you could taste of the local snacks, dumplings, fruit, wine, red wine,beer, beverage for free.

At last, enjoy leisure time in the museum, have a cup of tea and learn to play Sichuan Mahjong.

During half day tour to Sichuan Cuisine Museum and learn how to cook Sichuan food, you will get a deep understanding about Sichuan cuisine and there is no doubt that you will love this spicy and delicious food. What an interesting and unique experience!

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