Beijing Hutong Culture - Learn Diabolo Juggling

Real culture of Beijing is hidden in old Hutongs, so would you like to step into the old alleys to discover it? This time, we will show you one of the traditional Chinese arts - Diabolo Juggling.

See the fabulous Diabolo Juggling Show performed by the local folk art group and then learn some basic actions step by step at the same time.

Brief Itinerary

1. Watch Diabolo Juggling show performed by local folk art group.

2. Show time for you to learn the basic Diabolo Juggling skills.

3. This activity totally takes 1 hour or so.


Why Recommended This Tour for You?

Different from watching acrobatics show in the theater, you'll learn basic Diabolo Juggling skills step by step from local folk art group in Hutong. Our local artist will teach you hand by hand, not simply show. After it, you will be proud of getting new skill – playing Diabolo.


Learn Diabolo Juggling in Hutong

Tour Time: Daily Departure

Destinations: Beijing Hutong


Diabolos evolved from the Chinese yo-yo, which is a juggling toy with hundreds years of history. A juggling prop consisting of an axle and two discs, now it becomes a popular sport for fitness and is regarded as one of the traditional Chinese arts.


The itinerary contains 2 parts: Watch Diabolo Juggling Show & Learn Basic Actions.

Firstly, watch Diabolo Juggling show performed by the locals. You will see different throws and catches with the diabolo from easy to complicated including the high toss, various types of interaction with the sticks, string, and various parts of the users body.


Then it's time for you to learn and practice. This is the most attractive part of the tour. Our masters will teach you hand by hand to study this skill. For the beginners, the target is to keep the diabolo ceaselessly rotates. Pull the stick in your dominant hand let the string moves along the axle, then turning it. After personally experience, you will see how hard it is to learn, play and  even perform. Maybe, you will be totally immersed into this fun sports.


Unlike to see the difficult acrobatics show in the theater, during this short Hutong culture tour, you have the chance to learn how to play diabolo and have an in-depth understanding about this traditional Chinese art. Hope this tour will impress you.