Beijing Hutong Culture – Learn Paper Cutting in old courtyard

Hutong culture is the real culture of Beijing and many folk arts are hidden there, so would you like to step into the old alleys to discover it? This time, we will show you a longstanding Chinese folk art - Paper Cutting. You could learn how to make the paper cutting and do it on your own to create a unique gift for yourself.


Brief Itinerary

1. See some beautiful paper cutting and learn the basic skills.

2. Show time for you to do the paper cutting under the help of teachers.


Why Recommended This Tour for You?

Paper-cutting is one of the most important types of Chinese folk art. Red paper cutting in China is associated with festivals and happiness in Chinese culture. Papercuts always symbolizes luck and happiness. It is really a pleasant and meaningful experience to learn the basic skills of paper cutting and do it all by yourself to feel this traditional folk art in Beijing.


Learn Paper Cutting

Tour Time: Daily Departure

Destinations: Beijing Hutong


Paper cutting is one of the oldest and the most popular folk arts in China, which originated from ancient activities of worshiping the ancestors. With a pair of scissors cutting through a piece of paper, the steps are simple but the work is beauty. It is really a fresh and unique experience to use scissors to make your own paper cutting masterpiece.


The itinerary contains 2 parts: Learn basic skills for Paper Cutting & Practice.

Firstly, get the basic information about Paper Cutting. There are a variety of patterns and different themes: some express the wish for a wealthy life; some depict animals from Chinese legend; some represent the legendary figures and some are from local lifestyle. Among countless patterns, the most famous paper cutting characters are "" (means good fortune) and "" (means happiness).


Then it is the most attractive part of the tour - making your own Paper Cutting. You could choose your favorite pattern and then with the help of the teacher, do it all by yourself. It's not easy work, please be careful and patient. When you made it, you will see it is really a nice gift to bring home and unforgettable memory in Beijing.


A short Hutong culture tour to learn how to make paper cutting will be interesting and unique experience for your tour in Beijing. Also you will better understand this folk art by participate in the activity.