Beijing Hutong Culture – Learn Shuttlecock Kicking

Real culture of Beijing is hidden in Hutongs, so would you like to step into the old alleys to discover it? This time we will show you one of folk games in China - Shuttlecock Kicking.

See the fabulous Kicking Shuttlecock Show performed by the local residents, learn some skills and play together with them.


Brief Itinerary

1. Watch Shuttlecock Kicking Show performed by local residents

2. Show time for you to learn how to kick shuttlecock and play together with local people


Why Recommended This Tour for You?

Shuttlecock kicking is a kind of popular sports in China, and will be very helpful for any participants to strengthen the legs and even the balance of whole body. Learn how to kick shuttlecock during Hutong tour and take part in this traditional Chinese folk game with locals.


Learn Kicking Shuttlecock

Tour Time: Daily Departure

Destinations: Beijing Hutong


Shuttlecock Kicking known as “Ti Jian Zi” in Chinese, is a traditional game originated in the Han Dynasty and gradually increased in popularity. Shuttlecock kicking is not only for entertainment but also provides vigorous physical exercise which can help people strengthen their legs and enhance their concentration, so that it is very popular in China from generation to generation.


The itinerary contains 2 parts: Watch Shuttlecock Kicking Show & Learn Basic Actions.

Firstly, watch shuttlecock kicking show performed by the locals. You will see a variety of techniques and styles: kicking with the inner ankle by themselves, kicking the shuttlecock back and forth between two people, etc. But all the different styles have one thing in common - keep the shuttlecock in the air as long as possible by using the bodies, apart from the hands.


Then it is the most attractive part of the tour - take part in this traditional Chinese folk game, play together with the locals. You could learn the basic skills of kicking the shuttlecock step by step under the help of teachers. For the beginners, it maybe hard to keep the shuttlecock in the air. Never mind, just try!


During this short Hutong culture tour, you have the chance to learn how to kick the shuttlecock, play with local group and have an in-depth understanding about this traditional Chinese game. What an interesting and unique experience, isn't it?