Beijing Hutong Culture - Peking Opera Facial Masks Painting

Real culture of Beijing is hidden in Hutongs, so would you like to step into the old alleys to discover? This time we provide you a good chance to have an in-depth understanding about Peking Opera, the quintessence of Chinese culture by taking part in the Peking Opera Facial Masks Painting course.


Brief Itinerary

1. Learn some basic information about Peking Opera Facial Masks.

2. Show time for you to paint a Facial Mask all by yourself.


Why Recommended This Tour for You?

Different from watching Peking Opera in the theater, through Peking Opera Facial Masks painting course, you would deeply understand different features of the characters in Peking Opera Show.


Peking Opera Facial Masks Painting

Tour Time: Daily Departure

Destinations: Beijing Hutong


Peking Opera is a synthesis of singing, dancing, dialogue, acrobatic fighting to represent a story. And how to depict different characters and different feelings like happiness, anger, surprise, sorrow, fear, sadness, etc. on the stage? It is through facial masks. In this tour you will know how to distinguish different characters in the opera and paint one mask all by yourself.


The itinerary contains 2 parts: Learn basic information about Facial Masks & Paint a Facial Mask.

Firstly, get the basic information about Peking Opera Facial Masks. Different colors shows different personalities.

Red indicates courage, bravery, uprightness and loyalty.

Black symbolizes roughness and fierceness.

Yellow signifies fierceness and ambition.

Purple stands for uprightness and sophistication.

Blue represents staunchness, fierceness and astuteness.

White shows sinisterness, treacherousness, suspiciousness and craftiness.

Green tells stubbornness, impetuosity and a total lack of self-restraint.


Then it is the most attractive part - painting a Peking Opera Facial Mask by yourself. You could choose your favorite pattern and then with the help of the teacher, paint it all by yourself. It's not a easy work, please be patient. It is really a nice gift to bring home to remind your tour in Beijing Hutong.


During this short Hutong culture tour, you will have a deep understanding about different characters in the Peking Opera Show. Also painting your own facial mask, isn't it an interesting and unique experience?