Beijing Hutong Culture - Learn making Chinese Knot

Hutong culture is the real culture of Beijing and many folk arts are hidden there, so would you like to step into the old alleys to discover? This time you will have the opportunity to make a decorative handicraft art with a long history dating back to Tang Dynasty - Chinese Knot. And moreover you will learn how to make this kind of artistic decoration.


Brief Itinerary

1. See some beautiful Chinese Knot and learn the basic skills.

2. Show time for you to make a Chinese Knot on your own.


Why Recommended This Tour for You?

It is a really a pleasant and meaningful experience to learn the basic skills of making Chinese Knot in a traditional Sihe Courtyard in an old Hutong.


Learn Chinese Knot

Tour Time: Daily Departure

Destinations: Beijing Hutong


As a traditional handicraft in China, the skills of making Chinese Knot handed down from generation to generation. Each design of Chinese Knot is made of rope and named according to its auspicious meaning and specific shape. Now Chinese Knot can be divided into two main categories: big ones designed for hanging on the walls and small ones to be a decorative part of bags, mobilephone, clothes, etc.


The itinerary contains 2 parts: Learn basic skills for Chinese Knot & Practice.

Firstly, see some beautiful Chinese Knot and learn how to make it. Usually Chinese Knot is symmetrical with two cords enter from the top of the knot and two cords leave from the bottom. There are many different themes stand for wealth, happiness, longevity, peace, health, etc. and different shapes like the dragons, fish, butterflies, birds, flowers, heart-shaped, shoes, etc.


Then it is the most attractive part of the tour - learn to make Chinese Knot. You could choose one of your favorite patterns and then the teacher will tell you how to make it step by step. It's not a easy work, you need be patient on it. When you made it, you will see it is really a nice gift to bring home and remind your tour in Beijing.


A short Hutong culture tour show you the art of a traditional Chinese handicraft. It will be an interesting and unique experience to learn how to make the Chinese Knot. Also you will know much about this folk art by participate in the activity rather than in the souvenir shop or the art museum.